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Protesters Ask Questions, Demand Answers Outside Of Wilkinsburg Police Chief's Home Surrounding Shooting Death Of Romir Talley

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

WILKINSBURG (KDKA) -- Protesters in Wilkinsburg demanded answers on Saturday in the death of Romir Talley, who was shot and killed by police in 2019. A smaller group continued their call for action on Sunday.

Around 20 people, including Talley's mother, gathered outside the home of Wilkinsburg Police Chief Ophelia 'Cookie' Coleman.

They brought a list of questions and demanded answers and action.

Talley was shot by a Wilkinsburg Police officer more than eight months ago.

Kyna James read a list of the following questions being asked of Chief Coleman.

  • "The questions Tasha Talley, Romir Talley's mom, wants to ask Chief of Police of Wilkinsburg Cookie Coleman, are:
    • "Did you receive any of the "right to knows," written or emailed?"
    • "Did Robert Gowans undergo a psychological evaluation that warranted his return back to work, and if yes, what were your findings?"
    • "Who are you referring to when you called the youth 'urban terrorists? Which we have proof of, we have it on video, it's on video."
    • "Who were the other officers initially on the scene that night?"
    • "How was Robert Gowans' employment at Pitcairn Police Department terminated?"
    • "Are you going to take accountability for how poorly this case was handled?"
    • "Are you planning to resign?"


Earlier this month, Wilkinsburg council identified Robert Gowans as the officer that killed Talley.

Gowans was placed on leave after the shooting.


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