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Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority warns of phone scam

Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority tells customers to watch out for scammers
Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority tells customers to watch out for scammers 01:36

WILKINSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) — Customers of the Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority are being targeted by scammers.

According to the water authority, scammers are telling customers they are behind on their water payments and if they don't pay up soon, they will have their water shut off.

Within the past few days, scammers started calling the customers and causing panic.

"They're asking customers, the scammers are, so they can make payment," said Jennifer Riley, a consultant with the Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority.

The Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority is sounding the alarm to let customers know this is a scam. Riley said the authority will never call to collect payment. That would come through mail or email. Any payments that are done over the phone are initiated by the customer, not the company.

"Currently the water authority is not having any shut-offs due to a transition in their billing payment system," Riley said.

The water authority has more than 40,000 customers from the Pittsburgh city limits to Westmoreland County. It said if you get the call, hang up, don't call the number scammers give you and alert the water authority.

"They should not be giving their information over the phone, especially credit card information," Riley said.

If you do fall victim and give out the sensitive information, it is recommended that you call the police and file a report immediately. They will have to investigate.

"If you get a phone call from anyone claiming to be Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint Water Authority, don't give out any of your information," Riley said.

If you need some more information on this or you need to reach out to the water authority, contact WPJWA customer service at 412-243-6200 or

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