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Wholesale egg prices declining

Wholesale egg prices declining
Wholesale egg prices declining 00:43

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Here's some good news for your wallet.

The wholesale price of eggs in the U.S. is coming down, but it will take a few weeks for consumers to see a difference at the grocery store.

Egg prices are up 60% from last year.

That's due to several factors, including inflation and avian flu, which has killed millions of chickens and turkeys since the start of 2022.

But flocks are working to re-populate.

"So, we've already seen prices come down a couple of dollars a dozen in a lot of the commodity categories," Brian Moscoguri said. Moscoguri serves as a Global Trade Strategist for Eggs Unlimited. "So, I would say the consumers should ultimately be seeing [the] relief on the shelf as soon as the retailers have time to pass those cost savings along."

He added this is great news with Easter and Passover just around the corner.

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