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What's Using Google Glass Really Like?

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A local man is trying out the invention that Google thinks will be the future.

It's called Google Glass.

"This is a touch pad on the side," said Michael Sorg of Beechview, "so a one-finger tap and you can see it -- says the time and OK glass."

Sorg of Beechview is one of the people who won a contest to try out Google Glass before the rest of us.

"OK glass - record a video," he says.

After tapping the side, you simply tell it what to do. Sorg demonstrated.

And KDKA's David Highfield was eager to give it a try. He decided to ask about a Pittsburgh landmark.

"OK Glass," he said, "Google 'how tall is the Cathedral of Learning?'"

It chimed back, "The Cathedral of Learning is 535 feet tall."

It took a little bit to figure out how to see the transparent display that's off to the right in your field of vision.

But once Highfield did, he was ready for more.

He used it to record a video and get directions.

Some lawmakers are concerned about people wearing Glass while driving, but Sorg says:

"Frankly, I have these glasses that have thicker rims and I have more worry about them," he said, "like looking behind me going down the road."

You can also read your texts and emails.

Sorg says he enjoys the reaction he's getting.

"The people who do talk to me about it usually know what it is already, otherwise I get funny looks," he said. "Like, 'what's that thing on his face?'"

But if Google has its way, we may all be wearing one in the future.

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