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Westmoreland County Elections Board Continuing To Count Provisional Ballots

GREENSBURG (KDKA) - There are still many ballots that the elections board, the Westmoreland County Commissioners, must review.

This included 375 ballots that were received at the Westmoreland County Courthouse nine minutes after the 8:00 p.m. deadline on Election Day.

According to a report in the Trib, Democrats have asked to have that pool of ballots included in the current unofficial vote total.

A Postal Service spokesman said that due to several factors including unexpected congestion and health and security screenings, the employee arrived at the courthouse nine minutes after the deadline.

Meanwhile, state and federal officials must still decide if ballots that were postmarked by Election Day but arrived at the courthouse in the three days following, will be added to the state totals.

State election leaders have asked that those ballots be segregated and not counted with the the unofficial vote totals.

In addition, seven bipartisan boards continue to review the more than 3,600 provisional ballots that were cast in Westmoreland County.

KDKA will keep you up to date with the latest results out of Westmoreland County.

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