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Volunteers Needed To Pick Corn For Westmoreland County Food Bank

WEST NEWTON, Pa. (KDKA) - An area farm and the Westmoreland County Food Bank are looking for some volunteers. Officials say they need folks to pick corn.

It's been a great year for corn, so much so that farmers are giving away surplus to the food bank but they need folks to pick it.

Across Westmoreland County, the corn is as high as an elephant eye.

"Corn is king," said Westmoreland County Food Bank CEO Jennifer Miller.

Fun fact: the amount of produce being produced this season is nothing short of incredible.

"What we're hearing from the farmers is there is plenty," said Miller.

With so many excess ears, the Westmoreland County Food Bank along with Greenawalt Farm have teamed up to harvest the amazing maize to help feed the hungry.

"The farmers have been fantastic. There's a plentiful crop and they're more than willing to donate it," Miller said.

But while bountiful, someone has got to harvest it. So the food bank has put the word out for vegetable picking volunteers.

"We need people to do this. In order to get it done, it's got to be picked and it's gotta be picked by hand," said Miller.

The next harvest is this coming Wednesday. The most recent take was more than 3,300 pounds of corn.

All are welcome, provided you're at least 16. Those under 18 should have a parent or guardian.

This year, the harvest couldn't come at a better time.

"Unfortunately, the need isn't going away. We're still seeing thousands and thousands who could really use the help," said Miller.

If you want to volunteer, you can sign up online.

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