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Police: Daughter Upset With Her Mother's Testimony Attacks Her At Westmoreland County Courthouse

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) -- The Westmoreland County Courthouse is the ultimate place when it comes to law and order.

The Westmoreland County Courthouse is also a building full of every kind of emotion you can think of.

"It's not unusual for emotions to be high in any of the courts actually, but it's not common to get very physical in here," Westmoreland County Park Police Chief Henry Fontana told KDKA's Ross Guidotti.

There are exceptions, including what allegedly happened when 47-year-old Rhonda Cathers lost her cool outside family court. According to Chief Fontana, the victim turned out to be someone Cathers was very familiar with.

"Mom was testifying -- her daughter did not approve," he says.

Investigators say it started with harsh words exchanged, followed by Cathers charging at and attacking her mother, choking her until she was separated by law enforcement.

Chief Fontana says the victim had noticeable red marks on her neck but declined any medical attention.

Rhonda Cathers is free tonight on $10,000 bond. She's charged with assault, strangulation and intimidation of a witness.

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