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Westinghouse Staff Member Injured While Trying To Break Up Student Fight

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A Westinghouse High School staff member was taken to the hospital after trying to break up a fight between two students.

The school district says a staff member was hospitalized after a student altercation. They were injured while intervening in a fight that happened at some point before 10:50 a.m. Monday morning.

The students involved will receive disciplinary actions. In addition, the school district says there will be a mediation between the students to resolve the issue.

"I hate to see kids the way they are today. I mean they definitely need guidance," parent Jeffrey Brown said.

Pittsburgh Public Schools would not say the extent of the staff member's injuries but tell us they were conscious and alert when they went to the hospital.

Parents feel these fights are all too often.

"They just don't get along for whatever reason, but I have no idea. It's, like, crazy out here today," Brown said while waiting for his children.

Kristina Watson has two daughters in Westinghouse High School.

She feels more manpower could be a possible solution to the problem.

"Unfortunately bad things happen when things like that go on, and sorry to say that it does. I would just say they just need to beef up the security," she said.

She feels her daughters are safe in the school but admits it can be rough.

"I just tell my girls to come to school, do your work, try to avoid the drama the best way you can and if it's something that you feel as though you can't handle go and speak to authority as soon as possible," Watson said outside the high school.

When KDKA asked the school system for an interview about the situation, they declined.

"I come here everyday and it just seems like there is an episode everyday when I come here," said Brown.

Westinghouse alumnus Ernest Bey works with students after school to try and prevent what happened Monday.

"I'm just going to try to tell these students, 'let's hold that pride.' 'Let's keep that foundation of Westinghouse and just be citizens of our community,'" he said.

Chris Hoffman reports the school district can't confirm the staff member's position and they didn't disclose their condition.

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