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Officials: 9 Tornadoes Tear Through Western Pennsylvania, 2 In Ohio

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Nine tornadoes tore through western Pennsylvania Thursday night, leaving a trail of damage in their wake.

Tornadoes were confirmed in New Galilee, Franklin Township, Hampton Township, Peters Township, Hopewell Township, Mt. Nebo, Butler, one east of West Finley and one in East Finley.

Tornadoes were also confirmed in Ohio -- one in Warnock in Belmont County and another in Mount Pleasant in Jefferson County.

List of Confirmed Tornadoes in PA

  • Hampton Township (PA, Allegheny County) EF-1
  • Mount Nebo (PA, Allegheny County) EF-0
  • Butler (PA, Butler County) EF-0
  • East of West Finley (PA, Washington County) EF-1
  • Peters Township (PA, Washington County) TBD
  • Hopewell Township (PA, Washington County) EF-2
  • Franklin Township (PA, Beaver County) EF-1
  • New Galilee (PA, Beaver County) EF-1
  • East Finley Township (PA, Washington County) EF-1

List of Confirmed Tornadoes in Ohio

  • Mount Pleasant (OH, Jefferson County) EF-1
  • Warnock (OH, Belmont County) EF-1

The NWS said that they are including damage observed Lancaster Township data along with Franklin Township.

Franklin Township saw an EF-1 tornado on Thursday.

five tornadoes
(Photo: KDKA Weather)

According to NWS, which was out surveying the damage on Friday, the Hampton Township tornado was an EF-1 with initial max wind speed near 100mph. The Mt. Nebo tornado is determined to be an EF-0 tornado.

An EF-1 tornado also touched down east of West Finley.

(Photo Credit: KDKA Weather Center)

A tornado was confirmed in Peters Township, and the damage there will be surveyed Saturday.

In Hampton Township, the powerful winds ripped one roof right off a home near Linden Drive and plopped it on the pickup truck in the driveway.

At the intersection of Linden and Center Avenue, homeowners and cleanup crews were out early to assess the damage in the daylight. Power lines were down, trees lost limbs and debris was strewn across streets and yards.

"We have each other, we have our family, that's all that matters," Kelly Jacquel, a Hampton Township homeowner, said near tears.

The cacophony of chainsaws and tree chippers echoed off the hills Friday, but Thursday night it was a quick clash of sound.

"Like a bang of thunder and that was it," Ron Kreig said, describing the tree that fell right next to his house.

Next to his home on Middle Road was a hillside of trees decimated by the storm. He says it could have been really serious.

"Just about five seconds before the tornado, Alexa gave us a notification. I was about to take my shower," Jaden Jacquel said.

Chris Leonardi with the NWS said, "There are several tracks and it's going to take us several days to assess all the damage and survey all these tornados."

Over on Harts Run Road, Brittany Wannamaker was clearing off her driveway after a tree hit her roof and just missed their cars.

"That's not supposed to happen here. We're in a valley. Tornados don't come through here," Wannamaker said.

She got no alerts about the storm but got to safety with her family just before the tree broke in half.

"I just felt the pressure change, heard what sounded like a freight train, grabbed my kids and tried to get to the middle of the house," she said.

Her home was left with some holes on the roof and damage to the windows.

"If that's the worst of it, I can't complain," Wannamaker said.

There have been no reports of injuries.

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