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'They Want To Go To Work:' Western Pa. District Of Laborers Calling On Congress To Pass Biden's Infrastructure Plan

WASHINGTON (KDKA) - Without a Labor Day Parade, the Western Pennsylvania District of Laborers did not have the opportunity to show their support for President Biden's infrastructure bill.

So today, they paraded through downtown calling on legislators to pass it.

"They want to go to work. They want to go to work. They want to do everything they can to go to work. We're filling out cards to flood our senators and congressman in support of this bill," Philip Ameris said.

Just days ago, the Senate passed the bill, but it's stalling in the House.

Philip Ameris, the President of the Western PA District of Laborers Council, says passing the bill would be nothing but beneficial for everybody.

"When construction is working everybody is working. There will be people staying in hotels, participating in events, people drive to work and restaurants will be busy," he said. "It's just a mushroom effect of what happens when construction is working."

Ameris says not to mention adding jobs and the much-needed highway, water, and sewage plant improvements.

He says with 33 counties backing the bill, he hopes they can make enough noise to draw the attention of the leaders representing them in Congress.

The bill passed with bipartisan support in the Senate, but in the House, they're not quite there.

Nancy Pelosi has said they will not vote on the measure until the Senate passes a separate bill, which could mean a months-long wait on infrastructure.

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