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Furry Tails: Jack, The Special Needs Dog, Gets Outpouring Of Love After Potential Adopter Stands Him Up

By: KDKA-TV Digital Producer Heather Lang

UPDATE (Feb. 16, 2021) -- Good news for Jack! Peaches Bully Rescue has announced on Facebook that he has finally found his forever home.

He's got himself a sister now, plenty of toys and his very own stroller to help him get around with his family.

Jack's even got his own Instagram page now! Congrats on your forever home, Jack!

???? The much awaited news!! ???? Jack has found his home ???? ! After multiple false starts in securing his fur-ever home,...

Posted by Peaches Bully Rescue on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

WEST CHESTER, Ohio (KDKA) -- A special needs shelter dog from Ohio is tugging on the heartstrings of animal lovers across the world after being stood up by a potential adopter.

Cute little Jack is a 9-month-old, 30-pound American Bully pup who has spina bifida. He can get around, but his club feet make that difficult and he must wear a diaper.

Unfortunately, his condition is permanent.

We have had many people ask if Jack is mobile and to answer, absolutely! He can walk around the house, run if he really...

Posted by Peaches Bully Rescue on Thursday, January 21, 2021

However, the animal rescue that's taken him in describes him as the "sweetest" boy.

Peaches Bully Rescue in West Chester, Ohio, is caring for Jack and trying to find him a forever home. Especially after a recent adoption opportunity fell through.

The rescue posted the story last Friday, and since then, it has reached more than 3 million people.

(Photo Courtesy: Peaches Bully Rescue/Facebook)

On their Facebook page, the rescue says Jack got all spruced up for the meet and greet appointment, but the person who inquired about him never showed up.

His foster team even had to make a 40-minute drive each way for the meeting.

"Obviously, that wasn't his family," says Peaches Bully Rescue.

Thankfully, his bath and fancy harness and diaper didn't go completely to waste. The rescue says a nice clerk from a nearby Cabela's store bought him a new toy "to help him forget his experience."

Jack was very sad when his meet and greet person was a no show, no call. He had a bath, got his fancy harness on, had a...

Posted by Peaches Bully Rescue on Friday, January 22, 2021

The post telling the sad story has taken off. Peaches Bully Rescue says they have received warm wishes, presents and donations for Jack's care from all around the world, including Australia, Germany, Great Britain, Singapore, Puerto Rico and from all over the U.S.

The rescue says they have also gotten more than 600 inquiries and 200 applications about adopting Jack.

Jack and our team are so touched by the immense support and networking that this community has done. We have received...

Posted by Peaches Bully Rescue on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Peaches Bully Rescue says many adopters are worried because Jack has to wear a diaper. However, they say Jack has already mastered a system, and with the right diet and care, it's not as scary a situation as it might seem.

Unfortunately, Jack cannot go for long walks due to his feet but he is the best couch potato and loves to play with his toys and his humans.

Jack had a snuggle party with his foster family this weekend and man did he look cute in his Dinosaur pajamas. He has...

Posted by Peaches Bully Rescue on Monday, January 18, 2021

The rescue says Jack has been known to get along with other dogs and cats, but the best kind of home for him is one in which he would be the single pet or one of two.

For more information on adopting any of the pets in need at Peaches Bully Rescue, visit their website here.

Here is Jack's adoption profile from the rescue:

Tonight we are sharing this adorable guy from Our Rescue!!! Let's help them find baby Jack a forever home !!!!!! Please...

Posted by Peaches Bully Rescue on Friday, January 8, 2021


Stay tuned animal lovers for more Furry Tails! You can follow me on Twitter at @HeatherLang24

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