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'We're Ready To Go': Holiday Travelers Hit The Pa. Turnpike Ahead Of Thanksgiving

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- More drivers are expected to hit the road the day before Thanksgiving this year compared to previous years.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is estimating around 3.6 million cars and trucks will be traveling on the turnpike.

On Thanksgiving Eve alone, they expect 735,000 vehicles.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"Just be careful and not distracted," said Emily Ryan, who is traveling with her family to Detroit, Michigan.

KDKA stopped at the New Stanton rest stop Wednesday morning, where many families were taking a break after driving for hours.

"So far, we haven't had any trouble. So we just have our packed snacks and we're ready to go," said Megan Domang, who is traveling to Flint, Michigan, with her family.

Experts say the heaviest period of traffic today started early, at 7 a.m. and will continue until at least 8 p.m.

We talked to a family from Virginia. They tell us they're heading to Michigan for the holiday. It's a 10 hour drive. Which is a little too long for some.

"Like sometimes I just wish that we could just time travel there because the car ride can be like really long and uncomfortable," said Caroline Domang, who is traveling to Flint, Michigan, with her family.

And sometimes those long drives can be exhausting. Pennsylvania Turnpike officials remind drivers to always be alert and focused behind the wheel.

Avoid distractions, like using a cell phone.

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