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WATCH: Spool Of Wire Falls Off Truck, Rolls Down Route 40

UNIONTOWN (KDKA) -- It's an incredible if not frightening sight. A giant spool of wire rolling down a highway in Fayette County, headed right for traffic.

The huge wooden spool fell off a truck on Route 40 around 9 a.m. Wednesday and started rolling, heading east into Uniontown.

KDKA viewer Dave Cole, originally from Alabama, captured the whole incident on cell phone video.

"Not in all my traveling, I've never seen nothing like that. Seen quite a few accidents, but nothing quite like that," Cole said.

It passes four cars, hits the guard rail, goes across two lanes, hits the median, and then looks like it's going to stop, but it keeps on going and hits the guard rail again.

"[The spool] was probably eight to 10 feet across, and I'd say, just guessing, a couple thousand pounds. Pretty good size roll of wire," Cole said.

Cole's video shows motorist slowing down and moving out of the way.

"They were starting, some of them starting to get off the side of the road as the roll of wire started getting sideways," said Cole.

Cole said he was traveling from Nemaocolin to Uniontown when the large spool and a spare tire came loose from a trailer in front of him.

"That's the trailer I believe the spool actually came off of," Cole said. "I didn't actually see it come off of the trailer, but it had straps laying loose and you could tell that it had come off of it."

The truck with a trailer kept pace as the big wheel continued turning faster and faster down the road.

"I was probably going 20 miles per hour, and it was leaving me way behind," Cole said.

Once it hit the guard rail a second time, it finally came to a stop. Amazingly, the spool only hit the guard rail and median.

"We do a lot of traveling and hauling. That's key, make sure your load is secured. Obviously, they didn't have the right equipment there," Cole said. "Luckily, everybody was okay, but it was pretty crazy."

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