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WATCH: Shed Swept Away In Washington County Flooding Caused By Remnants Of Hurricane Ida

AVELLA, Pa. (KDKA) -- A shed was lifted up and carried away by floodwaters in Washington County as the remnants of Hurricane Ida moved through the region.

The man who owns the shed told KDKA that he did not realize it was gone until he saw a post on KDKA's Facebook page about it. His neighbor captured video of the shred floating through Avella on Wednesday.

"I said, 'Wait a minute. Let me go check something real quick,'" said Michael Reed, the shed's owner.

shed flooding
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Redd said inside the tool shed was lawn equipment, including mowers and tractors.

The fast-flowing water was so strong that portions of Reed's 6-foot privacy fence were ripped off and sent sailing. Other items were stopped by his neighbors, but they were unsalvaged.

"The pool is ruined. It's in my neighbor's yard, but it's gone pretty much. I just found my lawnmower in my neighbor's yard, but it's ruined," Reed said.

The whole situation has sent Reed on a scavenger hunt for his other missing items. Over the next couple of days, he will go looking for the shed.

"There's a bridge right down the street which would have caught it. But the bridge was wiped out. So at this point, I'm gonna give it a day or two, and maybe I'll go track it down," Reed said.

The water did not enter Reed's home, but the flooding racked up about $5,000 in financial losses. Reed said he will be adding flood insurance to his policy.

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