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WATCH: Man Catches Clinton Supporter Taking Down, Stealing Trump Sign

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A man jumped into action Monday when he spotted a woman grabbing a Donald Trump campaign sign from the side of a Pittsburgh highway.

"That's a felony! That's a felony!" Bobby Cranmer shouts at the woman continuously as he marches toward her along the Parkway, his camera trained in her direction.

Cranmer: You took a sign, that's a felony.
Woman: You took my sign down.

Cranmer continues to shout that taking the Trump sign is a felony offense, as the woman texts on her phone.

She then begins filming with her phone, as he asks: "You gonna put that Trump sign back?" Cranmer makes a point to capture an image of the sign laying in her back seat.

Clearly feeling the pressure, the admitted sign-thief asks: "If I put it back, will it be okay?" He agrees, and the mood shifts.

Woman: *laughing* I'm for Clinton.
Cranmer: I can tell, but that's a felony.

The two share a high five, reaching some kind of understanding.

Woman: Hey buddy, we're on the same page, we're just strong about our votes.
Cranmer: Don't worry about it.

She then checks on where he wants it, and jogs across the road to return the Trump sign to where it was originally.

"Have a good day," he shouts as the two part ways.

Cranmer spoke to KDKA's John Shumway about the incident.

"I just don't think it's right. I don't think that's how anybody working for a campaign should act," he said.

The Clinton campaign declined to comment.

While Cranmer is heard in the video shouting that stealing the sign is a felony, legal experts say most sign thefts end up as criminal mischief cases, with a fine of $50 - $300.

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