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Repairs, Staffing Shortage Put Washington Park Pool's Summer In Jeopardy

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) - As the weather continues to heat up and Memorial Day draws near, heading to the pool is something a lot of us want to do to cool down -- if your local pool plans on opening up for the summer season, that is.

This has become a concern for Washington Park pool in Washington County. The pool needs significant repairs. Regardless of these challenges, the city is hopeful it can get the pool open later this summer if the city is able to move repairs up.

The interim director of the City of Washington Parks and Public Buildings, Joe Manning, said the lights in the pool need to be replaced and the ladders used to get in and out of the pool need to be fixed.

There is also a chance that chlorine and the chemicals needed to make the pool usable won't be available in time. However, the city remains hopeful.

"As cases of COVID begin to decline so rapidly and based on the fact that there's such an outpouring of support for the pool, there are so many people who want to get back to normal life and that pool is part of it. So now we are scrambling to try and get the work completed, make the pool safe and have the proper chemicals in there to get the water clean and make sure everybody is safe and hopefully get it open," said Manning.

The city earmarked $20,000 for repairs, but Manning said it could cost more.

While the employee shortage has been an issue in the past, Manning said the city is confident it can fill open positions.

There are other pools in the area that will be opening on Memorial Day. Canonsburg's pool will be open Memorial Day weekend from noon to 6 p.m. It will then close and officially open for the summer on Saturday, June 5.

The City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County have yet to announce when their pools are opening for the summer.

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