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Washington County woman reunited with cat 5 months after he went missing

Woman reunited with cat 5 months after he went missing
Woman reunited with cat 5 months after he went missing 02:29

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A Washington County woman was reunited with her cat five months after he slipped out the door of her home. 

Oscar snuck out when his owner Meagan Harra was letting her dog out in August. She held onto hope that Oscar would come back but began to fear the worst when days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. 

"This could happen any time," said Michele Frennier, director of marketing for Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh. "Anyone who has pets knows that feeling of somehow opening the door and the animal scooting out."

Last week, Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh said someone brought a stray cat into their East Side shelter. The cat had been hanging around on his rescuer's porch, and when he was still there the next morning, she took him in. 

As a part of the initial exam, the rescue said it scanned the cat and located a microchip. It turns out, five months later, they had found Oscar. 

The team contacted the owner listed on Oscar's microchip, and Harra was overwhelmed by the news. On Wednesday evening, the two of them were finally reunited, and there were plenty of happy tears. 

(Photo: Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh)

Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh is using Oscar's story to remind pet owners about the importance of getting their furry family members microchipped. The organization says because of microchips, it can reunite pets with their families. 

"So many animals are coming to us, especially strays, and that is why we say it is so important to have microchips," Frennier said. "Because when an animal comes to us, that is the first thing our team does is look for that microchip." 

All of HARP's animals are microchipped. If you want to get your pet a microchip, the rescue offers services by appointment at both its North Side and East Side medical centers. The cost at their clinics is just $17. And if your pet is microchipped, make sure the registered information is up to date. 

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