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Wild Turkey Both A Celebrity, Nuisance In Washington Co.

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CHARTIERS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- A wild turkey is attracting quite a bit of attention in Washington County; but it turns out, he's both a celebrity and a nuisance.

Homer the Turkey, as he's been dubbed, was captured on video by the Observer-Reporter newspaper doing what he does best.

"He just stands in the middle of the intersection. He blocks traffic," said Jamie Goodwin, of Chartiers Township.

"He's like an alarm clock. Every morning about 6, 6:30, he's out here and he's gobbling," said Brenda Sutton, another neighbor in Chartiers Township. "He'll stand right in the middle of the road, just like a policeman."

Apparently, Homer was off duty when KDKA came to visit, but he normally stations himself at the corner of Allison Hollow and McGovern Roads.

"I'll blow the horn at him and he'll just stand there as I drive by. He'll start chasing the car," said Goodwin. "It's pretty fantastic."

"He will peck at the cars if he sees his reflection in the cars? Some of them are shined, and he might think it's another turkey," Sutton added.

It all started back in October, and he's become kind of popular. Goodwin even started a Facebook page for him. Her friend named him Homer.

"Because she says he's a roamer Homer," Goodwin said.

But there are downsides. Some people complain about turkey droppings in their yards, and the noise of cars honking at him, and then there's also the traffic tie-ups.

"One day he had like 20 cars were backed up or road cause he wouldn't let anyone go," said Sutton.

According to neighbors, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has been trying to catch Homer, but so far, he's managed to be elusive, and his fans are happy about that.

"I would be sad to see him go. He's fun!" Goodwin said.

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