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Washington Co. Drilling Supporters Call For State Rep.'s Resignation

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Cecil Township Supervisor Elizabeth Cowden had a very personal reason for making the four-hour trip from Washington County to Harrisburg Tuesday.

She believes her state Rep. Jesse White is the fictitious Internet poster "Frank Reynolds" who accused her of being a "liar," and that White made other posts under the name "Lizzie Cowden," in which Cowden appeared to be attacking herself.

"He's lost credibility in his district," said Cowden. "He should be removed by the Democratic caucus or he should resign."

White first denied that he wrote numerous fake postings attacking a number of drilling supporters.

Then he admitted he did it and apologized, leading the district attorneys in Washington and Dauphin counties to launch independent investigations.

"As of right now, it's in the preliminary stages," said state Rep. Ron Marsico, R-Lower Paxton. "We've shared information from Washington County and gotten some information from them, and we're preliminarily looking into it."

The Washington County group was there at the same time the group Clean Water Action was demonstrating against fracking.

But even though the two sides don't agree on the issue, they do agree that debate over it should be civil, which White's Internet victims say it hasn't been.

"I expect a lot more from a state representative and from an attorney," said Cowden. "It's disheartening, it's very saddening and it's a disgrace."

The Washington County group didn't get to meet with Rep. White.

When a reporter from KDKA's sister station in Harrisburg went by his office, he was told White was in caucus all day and wasn't available.

Washington Co. DA Investigating Jesse White (6/3/13)
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