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Pittsburgh Weather: Warm Temperatures Sticking Around On Wednesday

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Rain showers did finally arrive on Tuesday night with 0.04" of rain recorded on Tuesday at the Pittsburgh airport. There's another "light rain and even a little bit of snow on the back end" chance this evening into the overnight hours.

Right Now: We return to above-average weather after being just slightly below average yesterday. Highs today should be in the mid-50s with a low rain chance.

Alert: None

Aware: The GFS is jumping on Monday to Tuesday rain with parts of the area potentially seeing more than 2" of rain. EURO hasn't arrived to the party yet showing rain totals still around 0.75".

The timing of tonight's precipitation aligns very well with what we saw yesterday when it comes to what time of day you may see it sliding through.

Basically, if you saw rain during your regular routine yesterday, you should expect to see rain today.

Rain totals should be under 0.05" with most seeing just a trace amount of snow. Measurable snow is expected in the Laurels and Ridges but it doesn't look like you'll see more than an inch.

Rain Chances

Looking at just today's forecast without the precipitation, we start off with some patchy fog. The fog gives way to mostly sunny skies.

Highs today should be back in the mid-50s. Yesterday we hit 58 for the daily high. Normally with how the days are set up with dynamics, you'd expect today to be warmer than yesterday. I really looked for a reason to bump our high up to that 58 we hit yesterday but numbers are showing us only hitting the low 50s. I am splitting the difference and have us in the mid-50s for highs with the same 55° that I forecast yesterday for today.

12 Hour Forecast

Yesterday I also forecast us hitting 55°. Winds will be out of the west southwest at 5-10mph.

Looking ahead, tonight's precipitation will be driven by a cool front that will cause lift. Colder air will roll in on Thursday with a high of only 38 degrees expected. The low temperature for the day will likely be high just before midnight on Friday, with Friday morning lows dipping to the teens.

This will be the coldest stretch of the next seven days with a strong warm-up expected as we head into the weekend. I have Friday's high hitting 46 degrees. Both Friday and Saturday will be dry.

I have Saturday's high hitting the mid-60s. A warm front moves in late Saturday to Sunday morning bringing a brief round of rain. I am also continuing with a forecast high on Sunday right at 70 degrees with a brief dry spell right in the middle of the day. More rain arrives on Monday.

While still a week out, I just want to briefly talk about Monday when we could see significant rain for parts of the area. A stalled warm front gives way to a mid-level low that could bring upwards of 2" of rain to parts of the area over around 36 hours. The track of this system is still up in the air but it is something we are aware of and watching.

7 Day Forecast

At worst, this system will bring moderate flooding concerns to our area for the middle of next week and we may need to issue a First Alert Weather day leading up to the day.

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