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Walker Stolen From 2-Year-Old With Spina Bifida

ETNA (KDKA) -- Amee Passione is upset that someone would take the walker belonging to her 2-year-old son Connor.

He suffers from Spina Bifida and can't walk on his own.

"For someone to take something from a child like that is behind words to me," she said. "Like, there's no way to even describe what I would think of a person that would deny a child to be able to use medical tools to help do what they need to do."

Amee says Connor's physical therapist put his walker on the sidewalk in front of their home on Maplewood Street in Etna on Friday for just two or three minutes while coming into the house to get Connor.

When they went back outside, the walker was gone.

"We walked up and down the street to see if it had rolled down the street but it was nowhere to be found," Passione said. "And then I thought about the fact that it was garbage day and somebody might be trying to scrap it. And my hope is that they haven't been able to do that yet and that we can get it back."

Amee says this is little Connor's only form of mobility other than crawling and he can't be crawling outside on concrete.

"It's a $300 walker. I can't afford to fork out $300," she said. "It's just unfortunate that this happened and I just hope somebody is able to return the walker back to us."

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