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Vote For This Pittsburgh Superfan Into The Ford Hall of Fans

You've heard of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but have you heard of the Ford Hall of Fans? That's right...there is a wing in the Hall of Fame just for Superfans!

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Joey Thurby, from our local Neighborhood Ford Store, explains this contest to the Fan N'ation audience.

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Plus, we get a taste of what it's like to be an inductee from local Pittsburgher Rick Holman, who was inducted into the inaugural Class in 2019.

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Then, we meet Beaver Co. resident and Pittsburgh Steelers Super Fan Justin Laveing, who received a surprise visit from former Steeler Lynn Swan in December, informing him that he was a nominee for the 2021 Class.

So listen up, Pittsburgh - We have a chance to vote another local into the Hall of Fame via the Ford Hall of Fans, and Justin needs your help, so let's rally behind him! Starting Sunday, January 3, VOTE DAILY for Justin Laveing HERE! Just scroll down to his name and click on's as easy as that!


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