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Vice President Mike Pence Campaigns For Congressman Keith Rothfus In Moon Twp.

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MOON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- Vice President Mike Pence came to Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon to campaign for local Congressman Keith Rothfus, who faces a strong challenge in the fall from Congressman Conor Lamb.

Approximately 100 Rothfus supporters waited nearly an hour to hear Pence praise the local Republican and urge voters to re-elect him over Lamb.

"For the last six years, Keith Rothfus has been putting Pennsylvania and America first, and we couldn't be more grateful," Pence said.


Pence said with Rothfus's full support, President Trump is restoring America to greatness with increased military spending, tax cuts and job creation.

"With this president's strong, strong leadership and the support of Congressman Rothfus and these other great conservatives, we all know this economy is rolling back," Pence said.

In a tweet Saturday morning, the president endorsed Rothfus, referring to Lamb as "Lamb the Sham" for "telling everyone how much he likes me but he will only vote for Nancy Pelosi."

"Since he arrived on Capitol Hill four months ago, Congressman Conor Lamb has been voting with the Nancy Pelosi liberals 90 percent of the time, and your neighbors deserve to know that," Pence said.

While Rothfus has a strong record of support for Trump, he says he's not a rubber stamp.

"If you take a look at my voting record, I have not voted on certain pieces of legislation that the president wanted," Rothfus said.

Primarily spending bills, the Republican said, but clearly the White House sees Rothfus as an ally.

"This race matter for America, and if we're going to bring America all the way back, we need Congressman Keith Rothfus," Pence said.

Political pundits say this is a toss-up race between Rothfus and Lamb, so in the end, it may come down to a referendum on President Donald Trump.

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