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Vice President Biden: 'American People Are Better' Than This Election

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - No matter the outcome of the election, Vice President Joe Biden says it is important that the country comes together after Tuesday.

Vice President Biden tells the "KDKA Morning News" he is encouraged by the reports of big crowds voting early and that "Pittsburgh is real important" to this election.

"I think people care a great deal about what's going on. I think they're out there to settle this thing and no matter what the outcome is, we got to pull together as a nation. The American people are better than the way this process has been running," says Biden.

Biden, who joined the "KDKA Morning News" in support of Hillary Clinton and getting out the vote, admits there will be some who think the election is rigged. But, he blames Donald Trump for that.

"If [Trump] wins, it wasn't rigged. If he loses it's rigged. There's always been some irregularity in some election, somewhere in America, but no one has ever questioned the legitimacy of an American election," says Biden.

It's the politicians, in Biden's opinion, that need to reach out across the aisle and help bring the country back together after this election.

"The vast majority of the members of the United States Senate, including the Republican Party, know we have to change, know we have to reach out and I think the American public speaking this time is saying, 'We've had enough, enough of those folks in either party that do not want to reach across the aisle.' I really believe that," he said.

Note: The "KDKA Morning News" reached to out the Trump campaign, but was unable to get a guest scheduled.

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