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Out-Of-Control Vehicle Crashes, Goes Airborne, Lands In Highland Park Fountain

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- An out-of-control car came barreling into crowded Highland Park Thursday night and crashed upside down in the middle of the fountain.

Some witnesses say they ran to get away from the car.

Dr. Sarah Hagerty happened to be sitting on the side of the fountain moments before the car came up.

She says the car hit a bench sending it flying before hitting the edge of the fountain and then going airborne.

The car landed upside down in the middle of the fountain on top of the part that shoots water into the air.

"He knocked the bench out and then he hit the front of the cement," said Allison Law, a witness. "I can't recall if he did one or two flips – and landed upside down on top of the fountain."

Dr. Hagerty ran over to raise up the elderly driver's head out of the water. She says he was talking, and she tried to keep him still and calm.

"He was able to tell me his name, but he didn't know what was going on," said Dr. Hagerty. "I just tried to calm him down and told him not to move."

Police believe the driver may have had some kind of medical problem that led to the incident.

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They say it actually began two blocks down on Highland Avenue where the driver hit another car.

One police sergeant says in 25 years, he's never seen anything like this.

"If there was a good place to land when you hit this wall, right on top of that fountain is where to hit," said Sgt. Mike Pilyih, of Pittsburgh Police.

The driver was taken to the hospital. No word on his condition.

(Photo Credit: David Highfield/KDKA)

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