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Variety Donates Special Bikes To Children With Disabilities

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Christmas came early for seven kids this morning as they were given a gift they had waited their entire lives to be able to enjoy.

What could be a better Christmas gift for a kid than a shiny new bike?

"His only disability would be his walking. Other than that, he is very smart and intelligent -- he is smarter than most adults so we are very happy for him to get this bike," Carolyn Hoffman said of a boy with cerebral palsy.

Seven children had their dreams come true this morning thanks to Variety the Children's Charity.

"My title is Chief Executive Officer, but today it should be Chief Excitement Officer because I am pumped today. It's an exciting day," Charlie LaVallee said.

Kelley Davis' daughter, Trinity, got a bike last year before Christmas and knows it has already changed the little girl's life.

"It's a great sense of independence. It's strengthening her legs up. It's physical therapy without even knowing it's physical therapy," Davis said.

"He can't wait to get his bike. All the other kids in the neighborhood got their bikes to ride around so now he can join up and join them," Bob Hoffman said.

At $1,800 each, the bikes are not cheap, but they are an opportunity for kids to discover freedom and possibilities. There are 140 of these adaptive bikes available to families.

"We didn't even know she was able to ride a bike. We put her on the bike and within a matter of weeks, she was able to pedal it by herself which has been amazing by itself. We didn't really look at the long picture of where she was going to go with it, but you put her on that bike and she has a huge smile on her face and that's all she wants to do is ride her bike," Davis said.

Applications are available through Variety's website as they hope to change the lives of hundreds of kids this Christmas.


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