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Despite Pandemic, Experts Say Valentine's Day Still Needs To Be Celebrated In New And Different Ways

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - This Sunday is Valentine's Day, but it comes right in the middle of a pandemic which may limit the traditional way you celebrate.

Money editor Jon Delano talked to some experts about alternative methods to recognize the holiday.

Many couples go out to dinner on Valentine's Day, but not this year, as a lot feel it's safer to stay at home.

So is this a good year to just forget those Valentine's Day traditions?

"I think this Valentine's [Day] is more important than all the ones before because we want something different this year," lifestyle expert Lindsay Myers told KDKA's Jon Delano on Thursday.

More important than ever?

Well, maybe, and here's something most people don't realize.

"One thing that people don't know about Valentine's Day is that it actually incites more breakups than any other holiday of the year," says Wendy Strgar, who calls herself a loveologist or expert on love.

Strgar says if you fail to do the right thing on this holiday, you risk a break-up.

Now you can always order flowers by phone or grab a box of chocolates somewhere, but Myers says this year you need something special.

"If you're home, utilize everything virtual. We kind of have to have technology as our best friend right now," says Myers.

Take a virtual cooking class together like the one offered locally by Appetite 4 Seduction, or a virtual dance class from the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater or cuddle while listening online to "Songs from the Heart" from the Pittsburgh Opera.

Want to get out of the house? Rent a classic car to drive your honey about.

"I absolutely love this company that is called Drive Share. It's basically like Air BnB for cars. So it's a really fun way that you can rent a car – a classic car – we're talking about everything you can possibly think of," says Myers.

Whatever you do to celebrate the day, says Strgar, remember this.

"How people feel love is in the light of our attention. And so it doesn't matter where you are, if you are really fully paying attention to the person that is in front of you, then that is what they will remember from this day," she says.

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