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Serial Robber Arrested In Uniontown After Holding Up Two Stores

UNIONTOWN (KDKA) -- Travis Lee Lewellen has been a very busy man when it comes to breaking the law, according to Uniontown Police.

"He is a suspect in several retail thefts over the last couple of weeks," said Uniontown Police Lieutenant Tom Kolencik. "Desperate people are dangerous."

Lewellen was apparently very desperate.

According to police, he allegedly walked into a Uniontown Walgreens this past weekend and retail theft turned into armed robbery.

"He brandished a knife and demanded cigarettes," Lt. Kolencik said.

Initially, Lewellen had gotten away. When police arrived at his Uniontown home to see if he was there, he was not.

"While we were there, we got the same type of call," Lt. Kolencik recalled.

Lewellen was again robbing a store.

This time it was a Family Dollar. According to investigators, this was again Lewellen's handiwork.

The 29-year-old eventually was found by police. When police questioned his motives, he said it was all because of addiction.

"He was on a rampage but we ended up getting him Sunday afternoon," Lt. Kolencik said. "He eluded to selling the cigarettes in exchange for drugs. He had a drug problem."

Lewellen is currently in the Fayette County Jail being held on $200,000 bond and is facing charges of armed robbery.

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