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'I Have To Do This': Woman Apologizes While Committing Armed Robbery

UNIONTOWN (KDKA) -- You often hear stories about a person robbing a gas station, but you don't often hear a robber apologizing as they're holding up a store.

All was well at the BFS Food and Gas Station on Morgantown Street in Uniontown. That is, until one woman came in for cigarettes.

(Photo Credit: Uniontown Police)

"She came in and asked for two cartons of cigarettes. It's the store policy to set those off to the side until the transaction is completed," Lt. Tom Kolencik of Uniontown Police said.

That's when the woman made her intentions clear.

"[The clerks] said at that point, she became nervous and upset and pulled out a knife from her pocket and asked for the cigarettes, as well as the money from the register," Kolencik said.

Fearing for their lives, the clerks did as told. The woman committing the armed robbery was nevertheless apparently contrite.

"She said, 'I'm sorry, I have to do this,'" Kolencik said.

But while the woman committing this felony was polite in doing so, she apparently wanted to expedite the whole thing, telling the clerks, "Keep the change."

The knife-wielding robber hit the door and was gone, possibly into a waiting car.

"Probably not her first time and probably not her last, so we want to get her off the street," Kolencik said.

And while the assailant seemed to be sorry for what she did, police aren't quite buying it.

"If she had food up there or diapers or something for a child, we could be a little more sympathetic," he said.

Uniontown Police say if you know this person, give them a call.

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