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Police Seek Hit-And-Run Suspect Accused Of Hitting Shelter Worker

LATROBE, Pa. (KDKA) - Police in Westmoreland County are looking for a hit-and-run driver accused of running down a woman.

State police say they need your help in solving an alleged hit-and-run case that launched a woman more than 30 feet into the air and into a fence.

"If you meet Mary, you immediately know what kind of person she is. She's really bubbly, high energy, fun person who really looks for all the positive things in life," said Union Mission Director Dan Carney.

Union Mission outside Latrobe is where 42-year-old Mary Bathurst dedicated her time to those in need.

"That energy she provides is really uplifting especially for our residents that are going through very hard times," he said.

But Monday night, Bathurst is the one going through a hard time after state police say the driver of a pickup slammed into her as she was taking out trash from the Union Mission on Harrison Avenue.

Union Mission hit and run driver
(Photo: Provided)

"It strikes the female with the right front part of the vehicle, catapults her," said trooper Steve Limani.

The fence Bathurst flew into was damaged from the impact of her body. Witnesses say the driver of the truck did stop.

"In this particular case, it was a white male that got out of his vehicle and engaged conversation with someone, asking if the person the hit was OK," Limani said.

After that, troopers say the driver didn't stick around for long. Police said the truck is a red, older Dodge Ram 1500 likely with significant damage to its right front.

Bathurst remains in the hospital with significant internal and orthopedic injuries and while expected to survive, she faces a long road to recovery. Her coworkers meanwhile have a message for the driver of the pick-up that struck their friend: "It's really important for everyone, for yourself, for Mary, for the family that you come forward to take the time to be accountable for the mistakes you made."

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