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Leader At Environmental Watchdog Group Recommends People Stay Inside Amid Unhealthy Air In Allegheny Co.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Allegheny County exceeded air pollution standards at least three times this week, prompting a Code Orange Air Quality Alert.

When hot air forces the ozone to ground level, it traps pollutants and can cause serious health problems

The environmental watchdog, Group Against Smog and Pollution, has monitored our air pollution for decades. Their executive director advises you to stay inside if possible.

"It's so bad for your health, even for those of us who are healthy," said Rachel Filippini. "But for young children, the elderly, asthmatics, those who have to work outside, they are especially vulnerable."

What causes ozone smog? Half of it comes from our cars, and experts recommend you drive as little as possible during this heat.

Industrial plants also spew more pollution that gets trapped by ozone.

Even little things like mowing your law add to the mix. You should limit mowing to evening hours. The same goes for filling up at the gas station.

But the good news is that tighter regulations and advanced technology are reducing the number of ozone days.

Environmental experts at the Allegheny County Health Department say we haven't had an ozone alert day since 2018.

"Cars are polluting less, all the industrial sources are polluting less," said Jim Kelly with the department.

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