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Workers Rally Against Unfair Wages, For Better Working Conditions On Labor Day

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- On this Labor Day, dozens of fast food workers, hospital workers and supporters gathered in Oakland to rally against unfair wages.

The rallies and protests in Pittsburgh are part of a larger movement. Across the country, in 400 cities, rallies and protests are planned on this Labor Day.

Early Monday morning, on a holiday when many people are off from work, dozens of fast food, hospital and other workers, gathered in Oakland to rally for higher wages and better working conditions.

"I have a family that I have to support," said Kayla Pitzarella, a McDonald's employee. "I have two children that I have to support, and I'm expecting one on the way. Working at minimum wage doesn't cut it. I can't hardly make ends meet."

Standing in front of a local McDonald's restaurant, the workers chanted as they carried fish signs - a statement that when the small fish band together, that is, the workers at the bottom - they can make an impact on the large corporations.

"It's just time for a change," said Louis Berry, a UPMC employee. "The largest industry in Pittsburgh needs to set an example that can be followed by other businesses. People need to make a living wage; we're just tired of it."

Workers, who are part of the Fight for 15, a group organized to demand the minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour, say it's only fair they earn a living wage. And, they want to be part of a union.

"We need much better working conditions, higher pay, I have a lot of co-workers who work almost 70-80 hours a week to make ends meet and pay their bills," Berry said.

The group marched to the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, before heading to the Labor Day Parade in Pittsburgh, to continue spreading their message.

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