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Unexplained 'Boom' Startles Pittsburgh Region, NWS Says Meteor Explosion 'Most Likely' Explanation

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- This morning, multiple residents of the South Hills area and Pittsburgh region noticed a very loud "boom" and some shaking.

The boom was heard around 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

People took to social media and contacted KDKA, asking for answers.

It wasn't just in the South Hills, viewers have reported feeling a shake and hearing a loud boom all across the western Pennsylvania region.

The National Weather Service said that it was most likely a meteor explosion.

According to their map, the loud explosion that was picked up by the GOES-16 GLM showed a flash "not associated with lightning."

Agencies are currently investigating the incident, but few details are known at this time.

While Allegheny County officials acknowledged there was a "loud boom," they have stated it was not caused by seismic activity, thunderstorms or lightning or any construction at Pittsburgh International Airport.

"At this point, we have no explanation for the reports, but agencies are continuing to look," the county tweeted this afternoon.

Our meteorologists are looking into the boom and are searching for answers.

So far, they also have not discovered any evidence of an earthquake or similar seismic activity.

There is no word on any current injuries or danger related to this incident.

We are currently monitoring the United States Geological Survey USGS, which measures earthquakes of 2.5 or higher magnitude.

None have been detected in Pennsylvania today.

There is some discussion that it could've been a meteor, as our Ray Petelin explained on Twitter.

The "tiny green blip" over western Pennsylvania in looking at satellite lightning detection lines up at the same time people reported hearing the "boom."

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