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Uber Driver Arrested For Kidnapping Two Passengers Facing New Charges

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Uber driver charged with allegedly attempting to kidnap two women in Pittsburgh is back in jail Monday.

Richard Lomotey, who was also a professor at both Pitt and Penn State, faces yet another charge of attempting kidnapping.

Lomotey, 36, was picked up by police Monday morning stemming from another alleged incident that happened the very same night as the first.


"I didn't even remove my seat belt. I didn't even shift my car gear from drive to park," Lomotey said.

Police have filed another list of charges, including kidnapping and simple assault, against Lomotey after a third woman says she was harassed and assaulted by him in the early morning hours of May 11.

This is the same night Lomotey was charged with a similar incident where two women say he pulled over while driving them home.

The first two women say Lomotey pulled over on South Homewood Avenue, attempted to lock the car doors and told them, "You're not going anywhere."

"Because of a misunderstanding, his whole life is temporarily destroyed," Joe Horowitz, Lomotey's attorney, said.

The third woman says she grabbed a ride in Lomotey's Uber after leaving the Galaxy Nightclub in Homewood.

In a criminal complaint, she says she got into his Uber after seeing the decal but did not use the Uber app.

She says Lomotey grabbed her wrist, locked the doors and began a tussle with her. She also claims that her shirt and bra were ripped.

She says she was able to free herself from the car. Police says she had a scraped right shoulder and knee.

Lomotey, who spoke to KDKA News about the first incident last week, says he and his passengers remember seeing a woman crossing the road.

Lomotey told KDKA News in that interview he remembers seeing "this obviously intoxicated lady crossing the car to the other side of the road to talk to a policeman."

There is no definitive connection yet between the woman who filed the most recent report and the woman crossing the road that evening. Lomotey's attorney says he believes these most recent charges are also false.

The two women in the first incident had agreed to do an interview with KDKA Monday but later changed their minds.

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