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Lawsuit Claims Uber Discriminates Against Riders Who Use Wheelchairs

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A federal lawsuit against Uber claims the company discriminates against riders who use wheelchairs.

The class action suit, filed Monday by law firm Carlson Lynch and the non-profit Disability Rights Advocates, says that the ride-sharing app has failed to provide wheelchair-accessible transportation in the city and surrounding areas.

The company's failure to do, the suit alleges, is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

KDKA has reached out to Uber for comment but has not heard back.

The plaintiffs are four individuals who use wheelchairs and hope to "end Uber's discriminatory practices and policies," according to a press release from Carlson Lynch.

"This is not a case about money," the suit reads, and the plaintiffs are not seeking monetary damages.

Because Uber has not provided reliable, wheelchair-accessible vehicles, the plaintiffs allege, those in the area who use wheelchairs are limited in their transportation options and cannot travel on their own accord.

"By reason of my disability I am denied access to Uber's on-demand transportation that allows others to move around the city on their own schedules," plaintiff Paul O'Hanlon said.

The plaintiffs point out that the ride-sharing app has invested heavily in autonomous vehicle technology in Pittsburgh. They argue that Uber should also allocate funds to ensure that its service accommodates those who use wheelchairs.

The suit is being brought with the hopes that the company will make wheelchair-accessible vehicles readily available to riders who need them.

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