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With Help From Her Friends, Local Foundation Grants Woman A Wish

BETHEL PARK (KDKA) -- There were cheers and a room full of smiles for Fran Kueshner.

"I have so many wonderful friends," said Kueshner. "I just love them all."

It is because of those loved ones that Kueshner was granted her wish on Wednesday in Bethel Park.

"I would see Fran going out every day in the weather like this, in snow, and I thought something had to be done," said her friend Karen Lischner.

"I usually go up to the trail five or six times a day," said Kueshner. "No cover. I just go."

canopy wheelchair
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

But now the 77-year-old woman will go outside in her wheelchair and be protected. Her friends nominated her to get a wheelchair canopy from the Twilight Wish Foundation.

"It's great," said Kueshner. "I am so humbled and grateful for this. It's unreal."

The organization helps seniors over 65 years old who deserve it.

"We hear their stories," said Christina Wehner, who is a Twilight Wish Foundation volunteer. "We read what they've done and what they've accomplished in their life, and Fran's story was one of which she had that heart that we just wanted to give back."

The organization has served more than 4,000 seniors since 2003, improving so many lives like Kueshner's.

"Something as simple as a canopy on her wheelchair will allow her to maintain her independence, her socialization, and to be part of that and know we helped her do that is exactly why we're here," said Wehner.

"I just appreciate everybody and I thank everybody so much," said Kueshner. "This is a wonderful community. Everyone has been so good to me."

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