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'We Win Pennsylvania, We Win It All': President Trump Rallies Supporters In Butler County

BUTLER COUNTY (KDKA) - President Donald Trump was in Butler County Saturday rallying his supporters three days before the election.

The economy and industry were focal points of the president's speech in front of thousands at the Pittsburgh-Butler Regional Airport.

He continued to promise his support for the oil and gas industry, along with manufacturing, which the president feels is a stark contrast from his opponent former Vice President Joe Biden.

However, Biden insists he does not want to ban fracking broadly.

"Pennsylvania oil and natural gas supports nearly one million jobs," President Trump said. "So, when sleepy Joe heard that, he said 'yeah, of course, I like fracking,' but it's not going to happen."

The Trump Campaign is hitting Pennsylvania hard in the final days leading up to the election, highlighting the state's battleground status.

The president's stop in Butler County was one of four stops in Pennsylvania Saturday.

"We win Pennsylvania, we win it all," he told his supporters in Butler County. "You know that, right? We win Pennsylvania, we win it all."

Along with industry, the president also touted his economic contributions.

"While foreign nations are in a total free-for-all, we're creating the world's greatest economic powerhouse," he said.

The president also endorsed several local Republicans, including U.S. Congressional Candidate Sean Parnell and Representative Mike Kelly, both of whom are running in elections on Tuesday.

College football coaching great Lou Holtz was called on stage and shared his support for President Trump.

The president spoke for about an hour before leaving for his fourth and final rally of the evening in Montoursville, PA.

Information for voters and Election Day can be found on the KDKA 2020 Election Guide.

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