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Pa. AG Opposes Trump Administration Proposal On Pooling Tips

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Trump Administration wants to make pooling tips legal again.

That means restaurant managers would collect the tips, then distribute them as they see fit, but Pennsylvania's Attorney General is one of many who thinks it is a bad idea.

When you go to a restaurant, if you like the service you receive, you tip your server.

"I work really hard and take really good care of my customers. My tips reflect it," said Michelle Flores, who works as a server at a local restaurant.

But servers like Flores may soon not get to keep the tips they works so hard for.

There is a proposal coming out of Washington DC that would no longer allow employees to keep the tips they earn. If a server is paid a minimum of $7.25, the tip money could be shared by the entire restaurant staff.

"I still feel as if they should be tipped directly. They're giving you awesome service, and that's what keeps you coming back," said Tim Grech, a diner.

"How do you keep employees if you're taking money out of their pockets," added Kevin Stiles, another restaurant customer.

"I think the servers work hard for their money, so it would be wrong to take what they're making and divide it among the kitchen," said Germaine Williams, a cook.

"It will be difficult to see how the servers will take it if they have to share their earning with the entire crew that night," said restaurant owner Randy Tozzie.

State Attorney General Josh Shapiro is joining a growing number of attorneys general across the country who oppose the proposal.

They argue: "Customers expect the tips they leave their waiters, waitresses, bartenders and other services workers to go to those employees."

But if the plan goes through, employers would be in charge of what happens to the money. It's a change that could make some servers look elsewhere.

"I don't agree with it and I wouldn't work anywhere that did," said Flores.

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