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Monroeville Rapper Under House Arrest After Posing In Front Of Cop Car With AR-15

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MONROEVILLE (KDKA) -- A rapper from Monroeville is now under house arrest after he posed for a photo on Facebook holding two guns in front of a police cruiser.

The pictures show rapper TrippyDoo holding an AR-15 next to a Monroeville police car that was parked in front of a cop's house.

"He didn't understand the gravity of what could have happened," Patrick Thomassey, the rapper's attorney, said.

TrippyDoo's real name is Brennan Boyd, and he was ordered to house arrest with electronic monitoring. Not that what he did was necessarily illegal, but Boyd was already out on bond for illegally possessing a handgun. His lawyer agrees that posing like this wasn't a smart idea.

"This policeman looks outside and 100 feet from his house, at his vehicle, there's someone standing there with an AR-15," Thomassey said. "What could have happened?"

They say TrippyDoo's promoter came up with the idea -- an idea that landed him in hot water, but probably got the rapper more publicity than the promoter could have ever hoped for.

"He's a little embarrassed, I think," Thomassey said. "It wasn't his idea, and to tell you the truth, I don't think he realized how this could have blown up."

As of Friday afternoon, the photo was still posted on TrippyDoo's Facebook page, but his lawyer says it won't be there for long.

"Well, I'm sure he'll take it down. The judge didn't order that today, but I told him to," Thomassey said, "so I'm sure it'll come off at some point."

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