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Top Rangers Fans' Reactions On Twitter To Pens' SO Win

The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the New York Rangers 3-2 in a shootout Saturday night at CONSOL Energy Center.

Some of you reading this might be thinking, "What game did you watch? I watched the Rangers win it."

Yes, you did…except it didn't count.

Here's what happened:

Dan Boyle was the Rangers' third shooter in the shootout. With the shootout tied 1-1, he had the chance to win the game for New York.

Boyle deked to the forehand and initially appeared to have beaten Marc-Andre Fleury.

The key word there was, "initially."

(Watch the whole game next time.)

Upon further review, his initial shot hit the post, went back to his stick and the second contact pushed it over the line. If this would have happened in regulation or overtime, the goal would have counted.

However, on a penalty shot, or a shootout situation, this is not allowed.

The referees missed it on the ice at first and it's kind of hard to blame them. It was so quick that even Boyle didn't know what he had done.

With the teams heading to their respective locker rooms, a video review was initiated by the crew in Toronto.

Important side note: All shootout goals are reviewed. This is standard practice and nothing new.

The video review clearly showed the double hit and the goal was correctly disallowed.

At that time, the teams were called back to the ice and the shootout resumed. In the fourth round, Brandon Sutter scored and Fleury denied Rick Nash to clinch the win for the Penguins.

Given last year's playoff matchup and two games in mere days this week, tensions among Penguins and Rangers fans are pretty high.

Rangers fans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure over the decision. The tweets ranged from level-headed acceptance to full blown conspiracy theories.

Here are some of our favorites that were fit to print. In case you were wondering, there were a lot of tweets that made us blush.

Not knowing the rule book can get you into trouble, especially on Twitter.

But, you were ok with the shootout when the Rangers won right?

A huge brawl is always necessary when the correct call was made.

If it was 1999, the game would have ended in a tie after overtime. The shootout wasn't introduced until the 2005-06 season. Nice try though!

We've never seen it before either. It's always harsh when the rules of the game don't bend to help your team.

So, "technically" the correct call was made, but you don't agree with it?

At least you admit the correct call was made, but let's be real, you didn't want to.

If you think the NHL is that creative, you haven't been watching hockey for very long. They can't even get consistency in penalty calls or supplemental discipline.

Though, the thread in that tweet is pretty entertaining as well.

That was Game 1 against the Penguins and the two goals were scored mere seconds apart. No one got "screwed" in that scenario either.

Never change Colby.

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