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Tom Hanks Officiates Bellevue Wedding, Continues To Be Spotted Around Pittsburgh Area

By: Mike Darnay & Patrick Damp/KDKA-TV

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- From photobombing a bridal party to officiating a wedding, Tom Hanks keeps popping up around the Pittsburgh area.

Over the weekend, Hanks officiated a wedding ceremony in Bellevue.

Tom Hanks Wedding Bellevue
(Photo Credit: Grace Ruiz Photo)

"He's such a great guy, there's a level of comfort, he just seems like a best friend that you've known forever," Tyson said.

So how did the couple end up with him as an officiant?

"We knew that he was an ordained minister, and they were filming right in the neighborhood, so I thought, 'Hey, what does it hurt to ask?' I wrote a letter, explained who we are and we're close by, and it's always been our dream to get married at our house," Krisna said. "We asked and he said yes!"

"It just goes to show, that if you write a letter to someone who you don't expect to write back, or talk to a stranger, he did this for us and he doesn't know us, he did us a great service and enriched our lives," Tyson added.

It was such a big deal that their son couldn't help himself from telling everyone, including at school.

"His teacher came out and said, 'I know he's a truthful kid, but did this really happen?'" Krisna said.

Now, it wouldn't be a Pittsburgh wedding without some native Pittsburghers welcoming Tom Hanks into their home and showing him some kind of local fare.

The couple told Pittsburgh Today Live that they took the opportunity to share Arsenal Cider with Hanks as their beverage of choice for their wedding toast.

The star is in town filming his latest movie "A Man Called Otto."

Earlier in the week, Hanks posed for photos with staff members at a Busy Beaver store location that served as a set location.

Prior to that, he photobombed a bridal party downtown.

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