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Tips to stay cool and save money

Tips to stay cool and save money
Tips to stay cool and save money 01:46

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Is it hot enough for you? 

Summer is around the corner, so it will only get hotter. You will probably be cranking up the air conditioning. If there is no A/C in your apartment or house, you will want to find ways to get air moving. You don't want it to sit in your home and keep running up the temperature.

If you're using ceiling fans, make sure they are spinning counterclockwise. This forces the colder air down to the rest of the room. That alone can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.

"It's really just about getting that ventilation through and not letting that stale air sit there and get hotter and hotter," AGH Emergency Physician Dr. Brent Rau said regarding safety with no A/C in your home.

To flip the direction, your fan should have a little switch on it, but with this being the first blast of the year, many people have the air conditioner cranked.

"It's been on since last week," Cyncere of the East Side said about her unit.

"It's like a little window unit box. It's kick on most of the day," Dylan Beasley of Pittsburgh said.

What to do if you don't have an air conditioning unit during the summer months 01:44

In that case, make sure you have sealed off your doors and windows. That's money flowing out of those cracks if they are not properly sealed.

"This will help pay dividends. You want to keep that hot air out and cool air in, and we'll flip it all around in the winter," West Penn Power spokesperson Todd Meyers said.

Try to keep the thermostat around 78 degrees Farenheit. 

The Department of Energy said if you close your blinds and curtains, it can reduce heat gain by 33%. Try to avoid using your stove or dryer. That is just pumping more heat into your home.

"Do that stuff a little bit later in the day. Maybe it's a good day to go outside and grill," Meyers said.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can't pay your bill after a heatwave, don't panic. Utility companies advise that you call them and explain the situation. They will try to work with you on the issue.

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