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Tips and tricks on how to avoid the "Holiday 10" this season

Avoiding unnecessary holiday weight gain tips
Avoiding unnecessary holiday weight gain tips 02:46

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Between now and January 2 is what is known as the waistline danger zone. 

So much to do - parties, shopping through meal times, so how can you avoid the holiday 10 or 15? 

First and foremost, I'm told: do not deprive yourself but make sure to plan ahead. 

You know how it goes, you arrive at a get-together, the atmosphere is bright, and all that food and drink look so good. 

"Don't deprive yourself," said Laura Zervos, a registered dietitian. "Make up your mind when you get there, choose what you're going to have, and then just watch your portion size." 

Zervos said gaining the holiday 10 is not so unusual. 

"Maybe it's a combination of being off-routine with exercise, and not eating the foods that we normally do," she explained. 

She said avoiding that 10 begins with viewing your week as a whole. 

"Then I would cut back on those other days and allow for those extra calories one day a week," Zervos said. 

That means maybe cut out the extra latte, or fast food lunch, and then when you go to the party, Zervos said to not go with an empty stomach because that could lead to overeating. 

So, what to get when you eye that table of food? 

"If it's something like lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, of course, that can be a larger portion," she said. 

You know what is obviously higher in fat and sugar, but Zervos said you don't have to avoid those foods. 

"Just watch your portion size and allow yourself to taste it," she explained. 

As for alcohol, Zervos's suggestion is to stick with wine or something straight up. 

"You might want to avoid those things that have a sugary mix with them," she said. 

She said to make water your "every other drink" in order to give your system time to metabolize the alcohol. 

So, if you're going to party this weekend, start cutting back on the extras today because if you can make your total caloric intake for the week what it normally is, you can avoid the holiday 10. 

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