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Parents Hope Son's PSU Frat Hazing Death Will Have Far-Reaching Effects

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The investigation into a Penn State student's death at a frat house continues.

In February, Timothy Piazza died at a pledge event. Investigators say he drank too much and fell down several times.

Now, several fraternity members are facing charges.

Investigators say the students waited too long to call for help. This morning, Piazza's parents talked about the incident in an exclusive interview with "CBS This Morning."

The school is now making changes to its Greek life system. While Piazza's parents are glad the school is stepping up, they say there's still a long way to go.

This week, Evelyn and Jim Piazza took their older son back to Happy Valley.

"Normally, we would make a couple days trip out of it. This year, we were in and out the same day. We just couldn't stick around. It was hard knowing we should have been bringing two kids back," Evelyn said.

The Piazza's hope their son's death, after what they say was a fraternity hazing incident at Beta Theta Pi, will have far-reaching effects on the Greek system at PSU and beyond.

"I think they are a good start. We have been in contact with President Barron for the past six months about proposals that they need to implement and many of the proposals that they have put forth are our suggestions, but there still is more that they need to do. They really haven't implemented a lot of them yet," Jim said.

Penn State says more than a dozen reforms are coming, including a no tolerance policy for hazing and a ban on liquor, kegs and all-day parties.

Piazza died after authorities say he was forced to drink excessively and then fell down a staircase. No one called for help until the next day.

"Somebody texted that he fell hair first. They knew he hit is head. He was unconscious. He was having seizures. They knew that he was in a bad way, and who hasn't been involved in high school sports and concussions? You know. You know this stuff," Evelyn said.

As parents take students back to school, or to college for the first time, the Piazzas urge them to talk to their kids before they wave goodbye and head back home.

"We have heard a lot of stories about severe hazing at Penn State now from a lot of people. Some have written letters to the president. Others just let it go. You need to speak up," Jim said.

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