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Ticketmaster Comes Through After Local Man Scammed Out Of Taylor Swift Tickets

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PITTTSBURGH (KDKA) – Thousands were planning to be at Taylor Swift's concert at Heinz Field on Tuesday night, but not Jake Cunic, his wife, and two daughters even though they had what Ticketmaster originally told them were good tickets for the concert.

"I went on Craigslist. I had read all the articles about scams that could possibly take place," Cunic told said.

Cunic found five tickets for $375.

"I contacted the gentleman about the tickets and he assured me that he would transfer the tickets to me via Ticketmaster before any money had occurred or moved hands. …

"Once he had actually transferred the tickets to me, they appeared in my app and also in the website with barcodes, appeared completely legitimate," Cunic added.

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So Cunic paid the money.

A couple days later, he double-checked with Ticketmaster via email.

"I just emailed to verify that they were indeed genuine, everything looked good with the order, and a gentleman reassured me that they were via email."

Daniel from Ticketmaster assured Cunic, "I've checked your order numbers out, and they appear totally valid on our end."

So here's where the story gets weird.

After getting an email from Ticketmaster saying the tickets are good and he's ready to go to the concert, Cunic gets another email a few hours later.

And the story turns bad.

"About five hours later, I get an automatic notification from Ticketmaster that the tickets were flagged for fraudulent, and then they were cancelled."

Cunic called Ticketmaster multiple times, but other than an apology nothing else.

Ticketmaster touts its transfer policy as "100-percent verified," but Cunic says there's fine print that seems to let them off the hook on transfers.

Late Tuesday afternoon, KDKA reached representatives of Ticketmaster in California.

After reviewing this unusual situation, Ticketmaster made a one-time exception and gave Cunic and his family tickets to Tuesday night's Taylor Swift concert.

A spokesperson for Ticketmaster warned against using Craigslist or other hard-to-verify sources for tickets, saying that Ticketmaster can only verify tickets bought and transferred on Ticketmaster, not tickets purchased on other sites.

"The excitement on my daughter's face right now is pretty priceless," Cunic said.

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