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Thousands Still Without Power In Washington County

WASHINGTON COUNTY (KDKA) -- Thousands of people are still without power in Washington County.

Cecil Township is just one part of the county that was hit hard with the ice that rolled through the area Thursday and Friday.

A First Energy spokesperson says some people might not see their power restored until the weekend. The spokesperson says it's tough for crews to get around with all the ice and snow, plus ice caked on some of the equipment that workers need to use to make repairs.

If you're waiting for your power to kick on, First Energy encourages people to limit the number of times they're going in and out of the house to prevent cold air from getting in. The company recommends not using a generator inside the house and having the experts install it for you outside.

KDKA talked to some folks without power who found different ways to stay warm on Friday.

"On top of the woodstove it gets real hot, so Sam fried us up some eggs and bacon so we are good. We are warm but no power, no iPads, no phones," said Cecil Township resident Terry Banas. "Kids got online school and that's kind of non-existent too."

The Cecil Township fire chief opened up three warming centers. The centers are at the Muse and Lawrence fire stations and the Cecil Township Municipal Building.

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