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The digital discrimination surrounding electronic coupons for senior citizens and low-income individuals

Removing digital coupons
Removing digital coupons 03:16

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Every discount counts in the current times of inflation and coupons are surging in popularity. Digital coupons are leading the way, but they come with built-in discrimination.

KDKA's John Shumway is here to explain.

According to, digital coupon consumption was projected to top $90 billion last year, and has doubled in five years, but you must have access.

Coupons are designed to draw you in to buy a product for your loyalty -- but digital coupons are shutting out seniors and those who need savings more than anybody else.

Edgar Dworsky, the founder of says that the discrimination doesn't affect just seniors.

Dworsky says that poor people who don't have internet access are also affected and impacted.

He says that there's little that can be done about manufacturer's coupons.

"We're talking about primarily those that are advertised by the store in their weekly circular," Dworsky said.

When you look at those circular ads, you don't have to look hard to find digital coupons.

There is currently a national push on stores to make some accomodation.

"The way inflation is these days, to charge so much more to the most vulnerable in society because they're not tech savvy, I think it's awful," Dworsky said.

A chain in Texas now puts hard copies of digital coupons next to the sale item in their store. Others offer a special card that opens up all of the digital savings at the register. 

Local stores in our area are aware of the issue. 

Shop 'n Save says anyone can get access to their digital coupons. If they have the store's Perks Card, they can access the coupons in the store.

Giant Eagle also has digital coupons. You'll find some listed in the printed circular, and if you have a MyPerks card, Giant Eagle says the discount will come off at the register.

It's nice to know the discount is available or you may miss choosing something that is a great deal that tech-connected shoppers know about.

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