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The comfort show: One psychologist cautions not to get too attached to that familiar show

Why do we have comfort shows?
Why do we have comfort shows? 03:37

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - There's no doubt you've heard of "comfort food" - that special dish that makes you feel like home. 

So, what about your favorite "comfort show?" 

It's more than just entertaining, it's often an escape. 

You settle in, remote in hand, so what comfort show do you choose? That's the question we took to the streets. 

"They kind of give us a break from the normal things that are going on in life right now," said Chivonna Childs, a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic. 

Answers we got from everyday Pittsburghers ranged from Abbott Elementary, Downton Abbey, Frasier, and many others. 

Dr. Childs said we often watch our comfort shows over and over. 

"You can recite all the lines you know which character is going to say what, you know what's going to happen at the end, and sometimes even though we know that or we still wish it would be a little bit different, generically," she explained. 

For people like Ronnie and Jy'Sir Yates, the comfort comes from watching together. 

"I like Daniel Tiger," Ronnie said. "I grew up on Mr. Rogers's Neighborhood, it definitely reminds me of that, so that's something we can bond over, we can connect through that. 

However, don't get too connected to that comfort show, Dr. Childs cautions. 

"Life is for living, comfort shows are just there for small comfort," she said. "[They] give us a little bit of a break. But we do need to get back to life and start living." 

She also warned if you get drawn so much into the show that by comparison, your life feels depressing and the show brings you down - you may need to talk to someone and certainly change shows. 

Finally, your comfort show could be a reflection of your personality, but not necessarily. It could reflect your alter ego, making it a total escape. 

For me? I love Ted Lasso. 

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