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Testing iPant's Claim To Reduce Cellulite

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - A lot of women have some cellulite they would like to get rid of.

Now, a new body-shaper from Wacoal claims to do just that.

KDKA-TV's Kristine Sorensen found some local women to try it out to see if it really works.

Terry Hardisky and Heather Charron hoped it would reduce cellulite as the label claims.

The iPant body-shaper has special materials woven into the fabric that work their way into your skin while you wear it.

One aspect of the iPant is Caffeine, which is supposed to promote fat destruction. The other things are designed to help smooth and firm the skin. The instructions say to wear it for 28 days, eight hours a day.

The ingredients remain after 100 washes.

"Those are pretty big claims, so I'm hoping it does what it says it does" Charron said.

"I know it's not going to take 30 pounds off me, but if it takes just a little bit I'll be satisfied," Hardisky said.

Andrea Delpielago with Wacoal said the iPant has been very popular.

"Women are loving it. There's been documented proof that not only does it moisturize their skin, but they've also lost inches," Delpielago said.

Heather tested the mid-waist style which costs $60 and Terry tested the high-waist for $72.

Both wore their iPants for 28 days, eight hours a day.

Terry lost two inches around her thighs and one inch around her waist. She said she wore it 80 percent of the time. She wore it less when she got a cold. She also said she saw an improvement in the texture of her skin.

Heather saw no change, but was only able to wear it half of the time because her mid-waist style was too uncomfortable.

"The waistband was the most uncomfortable. It didn't have an actual band, so it rolled," Heather said. "I slept in it because I thought [it was] more comfortable to sleep in it and even then it rolled."

Both women liked how it made them look with their clothes on and said they would wear it as a shaper for special occasions.

However, they said they wouldn't wear it for the anti-cellulite properties.

For them, the benefits don't outweigh the constricting feel, especially in casual clothes.

Wacoal said that if you want the benefits to continue, you do have to continue to wear the iPant eight hours a day.

Sorensen wore it for a few days, but found that it was not comfortable enough to wear all day, every day,


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