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Beaver County Teenager Says Someone Is Harassing, Shooting At Her Horses And Mules

ROCHESTER, Pa. (KDKA) -- A teenager says someone is harassing and even shooting at her horses and mules in New Sewickley Township.

Morgan Cashdollar does not know why someone is hurting her animals. One of the horses, Daisy, almost died after someone fired a shotgun at her.

Police are now investigating.

"I don't understand how someone could be so cruel and shoot an animal," Cashdollar said.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The 13-year-old says someone has been targeting her two horses and mules for a while.

"She has holes and wounds all over her. These are the two big ones," Cashdollar said of Daisy, a Tennessee Walking Horse. "She laid down in her stall and we couldn't get her back up. She almost died."

The teen says she called the New Sewickley Township police, who came to the field along Harkins Mill Road.

"We had the cops come out with a metal detector and there is metal in all of our mules," Cashdollar said.

PHOTO GALLERY: See The Teenager's Horses And Mules

One of the mules died after suffering a broken femur, Cashdollar said.

Bad things started happening to her animals in 2019. Cashdollar began finding items like golf balls, baseballs and shotgun shells.

While police investigate, the family has installed three cameras.

"It's a person with a very cruel heart," Cashdollar said. "My animals are my everything. I would personally die for them."

The horses have been moved to another barn while they recover.

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